is a Life Innovator
changing our daily lives
through security

Fintech Security Company, ATON

ATON (former ATsolutions) is a industry leading Fintech security company making life easier and more convenient.

Main Business

Fintech Security Solution

Fintech security software
for financial institutions

Simple Authentication Service

Simple authentication
with mobile devices

Smart Finance

Smart finance system development
for financial institutions

T-money Solution

Payment solution
for T-money transportation card

In a mobile-connected age,
we respond effectively to security threats.

According to 2019 Bank of Korea announcement, number of mobile banking users in Korea exceeded 100 million.
Most customers are now using financial services via mobile instead of the traditional branch or PC.
ATON will lead the Fintech security industry in the mobile age.
Domestic Internet Banking Service Usage in 2018 (Bank of Korea, Unit: 10,000 users)

More innovative,
In the most easiest way

ATON is making history on innovation
while leading the Fintech Security Industry.


Korea’s top Fintech Security Company

· Korea’s first software type SE launch
· Obtained most financial institution partnerships in Korea (Mobile OTP sector)


Innovating Fintech Security Technology

· World’s first commercialization of Banking SE
· World’s first SE OTP launch
· World’s first NFC OTP launch
· Korea’s first financial private certificate establishment


Changing the Financial IT services

· Korea’s first Android mobile banking development
· Largest securities service for customers in Korea


Leading the Mobile Financial Services

· Korea’s first Mobile Trading System(MTS) service
· World’s first chip based mobile banking development

We believe
IT will change the world

We believe that technology can change the world.
More than 70% of ATON’s employees are experts
in software development and research,
and we currently have around 70 patents.

R&D Experts

Like a compass leading the path,
we change the world with the best partners.

To make finance, telecom, shopping more easier, we have changed the world of commerce and authentication with many companies.
With our advanced thinking and technology, we are constantly making difference to the world.
We believe in the value of innovation.
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