ATON is leading
the FinTech industry
with its robust
Secure Element technology

Secure Element is a specialized secure area within the mobile device
which allows companies to provide secure financial services

When services that require high security are run in a general application area, it can be accessed by unauthorized malicious users, such as hackers.
This could result in information highjack or cause serious security problems.
ATON’s technology is proven to block external intrusions by creating a separate area from the general execution area.

Core Strength

ATON allows clients to safely and easily use
complicated Secure Element technology

Secure Element(SE)
Developing Secure Element requires hardware level control making it more difficult. ATON offers the safest solution for using SEs.
Multiple Coverage
Utilizing SE defers depending on each device and operating systems(OS). ATON solutions supports all environments regardless of hardware devices or OS.
Strong Network
We assure fastest response to new releases, device launches with our close relationship with manufacturers and telecom carriers.
Applicable Services

ATON makes security measures more simple and easy
whilst ensuring a secure environment

Shinhan Bank
Mobile Banking SOL

Transfer limit up to KRW50M/day,
with a simple mobile OTP.

KB Kookmin Bank
Digital Certificate

Non-face-to-face financial
services with a simple PIN number.


Authenticate with PIN, fingerprint
with PASS certificate.

Secure Element Web Seminar Video (Korean)
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