OTP authentication solution
to enhance security during financial transactions

ATON mOTP is a solution that generates one-time-passwords
within a smartphone which can replace the existing OTP and
security tokens

ATON OTP can solve the inconveniences of carrying OTP devices or security tokens by generating and auto input OTP through a smartphone application.
We provide a simple and safe financial security features with a special security area

OTP is safely created with our Secure Element Technology

We ensure safe authentication by preventing access to the OTP key and algorithms

We provide the maximum level of security for OTP devices

Our service support the same transfer limit as other real OTP devices by ensuring the same level of security

We ensure the most simple financial services

Simple OTP authentication without OTP number input or biometric authentication!
We provide the extreme of simple process.
Core Strengths

The new era for non-face-to-face banking services will begin with ATON mobile OTP!

Strong Security

Authentication preventing memory
hacking and app tampering

User Convenience

No more OTP, security cards!
Simple process without having to input anything

User Coverage

Supports all devices and operating system services

Key Clients

ATON mOTP is adopted by many financial institutions
trying to provide a more innovative services to their customers

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