A private certificate solution for financial institutions to
replace public certificates

ATON mPKI is a private certificate solution helping financial
institutions to replace inconvenient public certificates by
providing a self digital signature system

ATON mPKI is a secure solution that helps issue and manage certificates to replace unstable public certificates that needs complex passwords Users can now perform digital signature with simple PIN or fingerprints!

We provide the most simple way of authentication for mobile banking

ATON provides an integrated, simple Fintech authentication

ATON mPKI fundamentally blocks hijacking and replication of certificates

It significantly enhances security by managing and executing the certificate in a special security area

Authenticate with PIN & fingerprint only, with a longer validity period!

Complete with simple PIN/fingerprints!
Renewal period is extended to 3 years.
Core Strengths

An integrated Fintech authentication service optimized for mobile banking

Strong Security

Perform encryption in a special security environment to prevent certificate extortion

100% Coverage

Supports all devices and
operating system services

Best User Experience

Support all financial authentication with PIN, fingerprint

Key Clients

ATON is a trusted partner for financial institutions going beyond the traditional services

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