ATON mSafeBox

Software type Secure Element
for mobile security

ATON mSafeBox is a software type Secure Element that
protects applications without separate security measures

mSafeBox provides a special security area that can store critical keys and algorithms by applying White Box Cryptography Solution in the mobile application.
The product can protect important information for industries in finance, telecom, public offices and medical area.

We ensure robust application protection
with special security area

We protect applications from malicious intrusions
such as decompilers, debuggers, and reverse engineering.

We protect not only critical
keys but also critical logics with WBC solution

We ensure encryption keys and algorithms are not exposed throughout the running time.
* WBC: White-box Cryptography

ATON mSafeBox is applicable regardless of device or OS type

Unlike other Secure Elements that require separate development and management for devices and operating systems, ATON mSafeBox provides a wide coverage.
Applicable Services

We protect various mobile applications such as
Finance, telecom, public services, health and media

Mobile Payment and Banking Services

· Mobile Payment System
· Digital Wallet
· Mobile Banking
· Other Fintech applications

Digital Signature Services

· Insurance
· Healthcare
· Public Services

Media & Entertainment Services

· DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Key Clients

ATON mSafeBox is adopted by financial institutions and telecom operators that require the highest level of security

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