PASS Certificate

New digital signature service for 50 million carrier customers

No need for public certificates if you have a mobile phone number

Mobile phone numbers can replace public certificates.
Digital signature is now available with PASS!

The most simple digital signature
equivalent to mobile identification

Don’t use complex passwords anymore.
Use a simple PIN number or biometric authentication with PASS!

Higher security enables longer usage period!

PASS certificate supports 3 year validity period by using a special security area.
Core Strengths

Prevent customer churn while saving operation costs with a simpler process!

High Security
Applied financial level
high security
Easy Issuance
Simple certificate issuance
from PASS app!
Sufficient Validity Period
Guarantee 3 year validity period!

No more cumbersome public certificates, use PASS!

For more information, please visit PASS Certificate website (Korean only).
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