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PASS Certificate Used by 2 Million Customers in the First Month after Release

Release Date
2019-05-29 11:22

PASS Certificate Used by 2 Million Customers in the First Month after Release



May 29, 2019 – The PASS certificate provided by SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ together with fintech security firm ATON (formerly AT Solutions) has surpassed 2 million users, just one month after its release.

The PASS certificate is an electronic signature service provided within the PASS app which was released in April. PASS is a smartphone app-based certification service that allows simple, safe authentication with no need to enter personal data when using services such as financial transactions and payments or becoming a member of online services through SK Telecom, KT or LG U+.

PASS certificates are issued immediately after opening the app, agreeing to the Terms of Use, and setting a password or using biometric recognition. There is no need to authenticate separately, register on a phone or export to PC and all processes can be done within the PASS app. In contrast to previous certificates which were renewed annually, PASS certificates don’t expire for three years due to their high level of security.

These certificates are used in mobile notification services by public institutions including the Tax Office’s integrated real estate information text message service. Other public institutions plan to use them in the future as well, e.g. for the value-added tax report service. They will be used starting in June for Tong Yang Life Insurance login, simple authentication and electronic signatures.

ATON intends to continue expanding the use of PASS certification to various industries including public institutions, the medical sector and financial institutions such as securities and capital firms after beginning with insurers.

ATON CEO Kim Jong-seo said, “PASS certificates create a highly secure mobile banking environment and simplify customer processes with this electronic signature service.” Regarding the collaboration with the big 3 telecoms, Kim said, “We will continue to showcase our innovative, simple certification service and will further develop the PASS platform based on this.”