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ATON Signs Bilateral Agreement with Sangmyung University

Release Date
2019-07-17 11:36

ATON Signs Bilateral Agreement with Sangmyung University



July 17, 2019 – Fintech security firm ATON (formerly AT Solutions) announced the signing of an MOU for research cooperation and staff training with Sangmyung University at the university’s Council Chambers at its Seoul Campus headquarters on the 15th.

Both parties decided to sign the agreement to improve their relationship in various fields including provision of information for staff exchange and training; exchange and sharing of scholarships, technology and information; research collaboration; joint use of facilities and equipment for research; and other matters to help both organizations develop.

Through this agreement, both parties hope for fruitful cooperation through Sangmyung University’s excellent manpower and ATON’s expertise in the field of fintech while utilizing each other’s support systems.

ATON signed an operating agreement last June with Sangmyung’s LINC+ Group and Society Customization Department and is currently developing a cooperative relationship, e.g. by providing internships to two students at its headquarters.

ATON CEO Kim Jong-seo declared, “With this agreement, ATON and Sangmyung University will actively work together in the fintech security field and we plan to support student development as top manpower in the fintech field through this training program.” He added, “Sangmyung is just the beginning; we hope to further foster Korean talent through cooperation with other universities and organizations as well.”