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ATON Signs Business Agreement for Security Solution with Korea Electronic Certificate Authority

Release Date
2019-06-18 11:29

ATON Signs Business Agreement for Security Solution with Korea Electronic Certificate Authority

June 18, 2019 – Fintech security firm ATON (formerly known as AT Solutions) announced on the 18th that it has signed a business agreement to collaborate on security/certification solutions with Korea Electronic Certificate Authority (CROSSCERT).

ATON and CROSSCERT hope to improve the features of the ATON mSafeBox, ATON’s renowned fintech security solution and to improve sales through this agreement and to upgrade the features of CROSSCERT’s security solutions (PKI, FIDO, HSM, etc.) while increasing sales. Both companies are pushing the agreement to expand customer applications, sign supply contracts and improve the features and technology of their security solutions.

ATON has collaborated with CROSSCERT to supply web-standard (HTML5) certificate models and HSM to construct K Bank’s private authentication system. With this business contract, it hopes to improve the relationship between both parties and use the technology and business networks both ATON and CROSSCERT possess to work together to increase the sales of ATON mSafeBox and other fintech security solutions owned by both companies.

This agreement with CROSSCERT is extremely significant as ATON’s fintech security solutions have been selected by the national certification authority. ATON plans to expand its work from the fintech security solution market, including mobile OTP and private authentication solutions, it has thus far mainly operated in and diversified its customer base to provide security solutions to public organizations and general business customers. CROSSCERT will enhance the security of its own solutions through ATON’s white-box cryptography techniques and expand the device coverage of its mobile security solutions.

ATON CEO Kim Jong-seo declared, “Korea Electronic Certificate Authority is a highly competitive company in both certification services and global authentication services. With this contract, we plan to devote our energy to ensuring ATON’s fintech security solutions are used in more industries.”