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ATON Signs Private Authentication and Mobile OTP Supply Contract with Korea Foss Securities

Release Date
2019-08-12 11:44

ATON Signs Private Authentication and Mobile OTP Supply Contract with Korea Foss Securities

  • ATON to provide a software security solution based on white-box cryptography (WBC)

  • Better user experience through online certification with improved security



August 12, 2019 – Fintech security firm ATON (formerly AT Solutions) announced on the 12th that it has signed a contract to provide private authentication and mobile OTP using its mSafeBox technology to Korea Foss Securities (KFS), a financial investment platform and securities firm that sells products including online funds.

With this contract, KFS plans to use ATON’s private authentication and mobile OTP to authenticate customers for asset management on mobile. The private authentication to be provided by ATON simplifies customer certification to increase convenience while generating one-time passwords (OTP) within KFS’ asset management service on mobile for safe, simple financial transactions with no additional security elements needed.

ATON uses its white-box cryptography technique in the mobile OTP and private authentication. It is offering KFS to prevent leakage or exposure of encryption keys or encryption/decryption algorithms and provide a higher level of security. This security solution is also realized through software so its use is not restricted to one device and it can be used regardless of the operating system (OS). This is the first software secure element in Korea.

ATON guarantees a high level of security through the private authentication and mobile OTP solution it is supplying to KFS while also allowing various types of authentication such as bio-authentication and simple PINs. This is expected to make the service more convenient for our customers to use.

KFS is currently completely overhauling its mobile app to provide various finance and investment services within a mobile platform. It plans to innovate with its fund sales channels by building safe, convenient financial services including simple authentication, card payment of deposits and pension asset management.

ATON CEO Kim Jong-seo revealed, “It is a great honor to be able to contribute to creating a new financial platform with Korea Foss Securities, a leader in Korean fund market innovation,” and added, “We will make fintech services more simple and convenient for customers based on ATON’s years of experience and R&D in the field of secure authentication in finance.”