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ATSolutions Releases Korea’s First Software Secure Element(SE) Solution “mSafeBox”

Release Date
2019-02-25 10:02

ATSolutions Releases Korea’s First Software Secure Element(SE) Solution “mSafeBox”

| 엠세이프박스 일반실행 영역

February 25, 2019 – AT Solutions (CEO Kim Jong-seo) released mSafeBox, the first software-based secure element solution in Korea, on the 25th.

Typically, when information that must be kept secure is processed in the financial sphere, hardware secure elements such as USIM or Trustzone are used to provide safe mobile app services. However, these hardware-based secure elements are limited by customers’ mobile environments such as operating system (OS) and device.

mSafeBox provides a high level of security by protecting encryption keys and algorithms similarly to these previous hardware-based solutions and is Korea’s first software-based secure element to offer in-app services to solve fragmentation problems based on device or operating system. While separate agent applications must be installed to use hardware-based secure elements, mSafeBox does not have that problem.

mSafeBox is a secure element solution based on white-box cryptography that logically separates the space running key data or algorithms to create a highly secure environment, safely protecting applications and important data within them.

The software-based keystore or keychain typically provided in operating systems is used as secure storage, but it cannot protect key algorithms used in the encryption process, meaning that there is a serious risk of exposure of the algorithm key. In contrast, the mSafeBox stores and runs encryption keys and algorithms in a special secure area to provide a much higher level of security than other software.

What’s more, unlike other solutions requiring individual development and management depending on the device manufacturer and OS, the mSafeBox offers better coverage and can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems. There is no need to install other applications as the solution supports in-app methods.

The mSafeBox is more versatile as it doesn’t depend on the device or OS. AT Solutions can immediately respond and offer support when the device is changed or OS is upgraded thanks to its many years of accumulated know-how to minimize the burden of additional development and operational response.

“The heart of mobile security is a solution’s security and versatility. The mSafeBox meets both of these criteria.” He added, “As the safety of the area where the mobile app runs in is guaranteed, the customers’ security burden is reduced. More people will be able to use a range of services in a secure environment thanks to mSafeBox, which is designed to simplify services.”

AT Solutions plans to continue expanding its research and development to improve the secure element ecosystem and supply the mSafeBox to financial and communications companies inside and outside Korea.