ATON U-OTP protects information
with a one-time-password

U-OTP is a security solution that generates a one-time-password and authenticate to protect users ID/PW

It is never enough to protect your company/personal information, documents and even valuable items from your game accounts with ID and password.
Keep your accounts and items secure by creating new passwords every time!

Protect your account with a one-time-password

You can block hackers from attempting
to sign in with my ID/PW with a one-time-password.

Enhance account security by generating new passwords every time

One-time-passwords expire after a limited amount of time!
This complements the security vulnerabilities of general ID/PW.l

Protect important company information, high-value game accounts in the simplest way

U-OTP is easily applied through a simple process
Key Clients

U-OTP is mainly used by game companies and companies who value their customers’ accounts

App Download

Please register at the service provider website after installing the free U-OTP app!

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